Pleased to meet me.

Hi, my names Alexander Singer.


I'm stylish, aggressive, quixotic and I have strong affinity for historical toys (see castle to the right).


Are you still with me? Hooray & welcome to my website! This is my latest attempt at drumming up some attention, displaying my impromptu works and exhibiting my experience with the internet. 


I hope you enjoy ChasingSmoke.com. It took me a fortnight to design, upload and overcome my concerns over how this may impact my future job prospects, but it was a labor of love and it's my pleasure to share it with strangers.


Dancing in a desk chair,


Alexander J. Singer


P.S - I accept donations (BTC, ETH, LTC), websites ain't cheap 


ETH: 0x507cd9459d64186205ffc3c5961a28f12a74b178