Who am I?

Who is this kid?

My name is Alexander J. Singer and with twenty five years of age, five years of marketing  and three years of hands on agency experience, I'm hungry for new story telling opportunities and work experiences. Scroll down to see some cute pics of me before and after starting a career and then scroll down some more or interesting facts about me, or as I like to call it, my approximate autobiography.


Say Cheese!


Why did you build this?

I've written hundreds of cover letters, resumes, CV's and so on, but nothing offered the chance to let a recruiter peer deep into my eyes and question my self worth. So I built a website! It's even got some pictures of me so you can visualize who you're roasting behind your personal screen. Deprecatory jesting aside, I built this to show what I'm capable of, crack a few jokes, have an outlet for my creative half and hopefully turn a few heads. 


If you're into production and you think I've got potential, I'd love to talk. My contact info (and Crypto Wallet addresses) are below. I figure if you made it this far you'd be interested in speaking further, or at least sending me your bitcoins.


Cell: 248 895 4433

Email: alexander.jeffrey.singer@gmail.com


ETH: 0x507cd9459d64186205ffc3c5961a28f12a74b178


An approximate auto-biography: Aged to Perfection

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Hometown: Birmingham Michigan

Pets: Deceased

Eyesight: 20/20

Hindsight: Lacking

Outlook on life: Optimistic

Passions: Storytelling, Writing, Investing, Gaming & Tea

Do you wear a belt: When the occasion calls for it