Personal Stuff

How have I Spent my time, personally?

In my spare time I've written short stories, half-finished books, a dozen iterations of this website, poetry, a podcast (or two), some amateur screenplays and handful of bathroom stall soliloquies. What I'm most proud of (and I found the least offensive) is adorned below. This is a collection of my attempts at assuaging boredom and satisfying my own curiosity. Please click each item to access it's contents.



Queer Eye for a Serial Killer (Spoof)


Dogbreath & Scotch (Comedy-Noir) 


Fast Man (Superhero Thriller)


Cracked Up (IDK)


Pistol and the Bullet (Superhero Radio Show)


The Green Gazette


Issue #1 

- Curated, printed and distributed in high school myself


Issue #2

- The final issue before my identity was discovered and I was silenced by the school administration




A Different Perspective Ep. 1


A Different Perspective Ep. 2


A Different Perspective Ep. 3


High School Poetry


Oh hat, my hat!


Pen Confessions


I do what I do


A Lions Den


Demolition Block 9


Snagglepuss Blues