Professional Stuff

What have I done my life (professionally)?

Growing up I treated most activities, gigs and hustles as a game. I'd learned enough about Capitalism in school and played enough rounds of Monopoly as a child that I picked up on the similarities pretty quick.  When my Father was let go from his job half way through my Freshman year of College though, I grew up, fast. Finding a way to merge my personality with my career has never been easy. As much as I've been applauded for my charm or friendly nature, I've also had my fair share of conversations about what language, opinions and edible arrangements are HR friendly... None the less, working in professional settings for the past 4 years has motivated me to adapt and update myself. I'm still Alex, and I've only been able to achieve more with my personality balance, you can peer below to find out more about what I've done, so to speak, if you check out my Personal Stuff, I'll think you get a better idea of who I am.